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Which Games In Your Steam Library Are Compatible With Your Steam Deck?

Which Games In Your Steam Library Are Compatible With Your Steam Deck?

  1. Visit the Steam Deck Compatibility Tool:
  2. Sign in to Your Steam Account:
    • Enter your login credentials to sign in to your Steam account.

  3. Navigate Through Compatibility Categories:
    • Once logged in, scroll through the categories displayed on the web page. Your Steam library will be listed here.
  4. Verified Games:
  • Look for games listed under the “Verifiedcategory. These titles have undergone thorough testing by Valve’s team across various performance aspects, ensuring a top-notch gaming experience on the Steam Deck.

  1. Playable Games:
    • Games categorized as “Playable” are fully compatible with the portable console. However, you might need to make manual adjustments to graphics settings or use touch screen features or on-screen keyboards for specific in-game actions.
  2. Unsupported & Untested Games:
    • Unsupported” games cannot be played on the console, while “Untested” games are potentially compatible but haven’t been fully evaluated for performance yet.

Remember, the list of compatible games is continuously updated by Valve. Keep checking back regularly to see if your favorite games have been added or updated for compatibility with the Steam Deck.

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