Matthew Perry Wanted Zac Efron Play Him in Biopic

Matthew Perry wanted Zac Efron play him in biopic: Matthew Perry, well-known for his role on “Friends,” had a plan before he passed away. He talked to his friend Athena Crosby about it. Matthew was feeling good, and he had an idea to make a special movie about his life. He even had an actor in mind to play his younger self: Zac Efron, who worked with him in the movie “17 Again.”

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Matthew Perry’s Unexpected Death

On October 29, Matthew Perry passed away, which was a big shock to his fans all over the world. Athena Crosby was one of the last people to talk to him. She told Entertainment Tonight that he was looking forward to life and thinking about making a movie. He wanted to share his story, especially about how he recovered from addiction, to help others. Matthew was excited and positive about this plan.

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Why Matthew Wanted Zac Efron

Matthew and Zac Efron had acted together in the movie “17 Again” in 2019. In that film, Zac played the younger version of Matthew’s character, Mike O’Donnell. Matthew thought Zac would be perfect to play his younger self in the biopic.

Matthew Perry’s Passing

Matthew Perry passed away after playing a two-hour game of pickleball at home in Los Angeles. His assistant went on an errand, and when they returned, they found Matthew in the jacuzzi and called for help. The police said there were no drugs at the place, and they didn’t suspect any foul play.

Was Matthew Perry Married?

Was Matthew PerryMarried: He never married, celebrated for his iconic role on Friends, led a life marked by high-profile romances, yet marriage remained elusive. Before hisuntimely passingonOctober 28, 2023,at the age of54, he opened up about his complex love life.

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