Was Matthew Perry Married? What to Know About His Relationships Children & More

Was Matthew Perry Married?

Was Matthew Perry Married: celebrated for his iconic role on Friends, led a life marked by high-profile romances, yet marriage remained elusive. Before his untimely passing on October 28, 2023, at the age of 54, he opened up about his complex love life.

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Matthew Perry Past Relationships and Personal Struggles

Matthew Perry candidly revealed that he had sabotaged numerous promising romantic relationships due to his personal insecurities and battles with addiction. In an interview with GQ ahead of the release of his 2022 memoir, “Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing,” Perry admitted that his fear of not being enough and concerns about neediness led him to end these meaningful connections. He expressed deep regrets about this pattern.

Did Matthew Perry Have Children?

Matthew Perry did not have children during his lifetime. Although he expressed a strong desire to become a father and believed he would excel in the role, this aspiration was unfulfilled. Despite not having children, Perry’s openness about his personal growth and evolving perspectives added depth to his public persona.

Matthew Perry High-Profile Romances

Although never married, Perry had noteworthy relationships. His most enduring relationship was with actress Lizzy Caplan, lasting six years and ending in 2012. He confessed that he had contemplated proposing to Caplan but faltered due to fears and insecurities. This became a missed opportunity he deeply regretted.

He also dated high-profile figures like Julia Roberts and Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham. His relationship with Roberts began in 1996, and Perry ended it, citing his unwarranted fears of inadequacy and unworthiness.

Matthew Perry’s Last Relationship

Matthew Perry’s last known relationship was with Molly Hurwitz, a literary agent. Perry proposed to her in November 2020 while in a rehab facility in Switzerland. However, their engagement concluded in June 2021. Perry expressed his best wishes for Molly following their split.


Fatherhood Aspirations

Perry, in his final years, voiced aspirations of becoming a father. He believed that he had overcome past fears and insecurities and would make a great dad and husband. He looked forward to this possibility, suggesting it would bring further happiness to his life.

Matthew Perry’s love life and marital status before his death remained a subject of curiosity and intrigue, reflecting a complex and dynamic journey in the public eye.

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