Jungkook’s New Solo Album ‘GOLDEN’ : Reveals His Favourite Track

Jungkook’s New Solo Album ‘GOLDEN’

Jungkook’s New Solo Album ‘GOLDEN’: Great news for BTS fans! Jungkook, a member of the famous K-pop group BTS, has just released his first solo album called ‘GOLDEN’. In this article, we’ll talk about his favorite song, ‘Hate You’, and how he worked with some well-known artists to create this album.

Jungkook’s Favorite Track

Jungkook told us that his most loved song from the album is ‘Hate You’. The interesting part is that Shawn Mendes, a famous singer, helped write this song. Jungkook really connects with this song, and he thinks it’s perfect for any season. He’s confident that music lovers worldwide will enjoy it.

Jungkook’s Incredible Collaborations

The album also has songs written by Ed Sheeran, another big name in the music industry. Although Jungkook didn’t get to meet Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran in person during the making of the album, their contribution was important. Jungkook worked closely with other talented people to create the album.

Lead Single and Music Video

The main song from ‘GOLDEN’ is ‘Standing Next to You’, and its music video was released on November 3. The album is in English, and it features many famous artists.

Other Collaborations

There’s a track called ‘3D’, featuring the artist Jack Harlow. ‘Seven’ is another song that includes the American rapper Latto. It has explicit and clean versions. ‘Closer to You’, another track, has Jungkook collaborating with the Jamaican-American DJ group Major Lazer. The sixth track, ‘Please Don’t Change’, features DJ Snake.

An International Musical Journey

With all these amazing collaborations, Jungkook’s ‘GOLDEN’ album will surely be loved by fans and music enthusiasts all around the world.

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