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FIXED: Grand Theft Auto IV Crashing on Steam Deck


FIX: Grand Theft Auto IV Crashing on Steam Deck

Grand Theft Auto IV Crashing on Steam Deck: Grand Theft Auto IV is a beloved open-world game, but some Steam Deck users have encountered the frustrating issue of the game crashing unexpectedly. In this article, we will explore potential solutions to address the Grand Theft Auto IV crashing problem on the Steam Deck.

Solution 1: Basic Checks

Before attempting specific fixes, perform some basic checks:

reboot-steam-deck- 2023

  • Ensure Grand Theft Auto IV is compatible with the Steam Deck.
  • Check for mods or additional files on your device. Stick to official, well-maintained files for a clean system.
  • If the game itself runs fine, check official channels or forums for information or updates.
  • Verify your internet connection.
  • Make sure your Steam Deck isn’t overheating. Overheating can lead to crashes.
  • If you encounter the GTA IV black screen, force reboot your console by pressing and holding the power button for 12 seconds.

Solution 2: Disconnect and Reinsert the Micro SD Card

If Grand Theft Auto IV is on your SD card, try reinserting it. If the game doesn’t crash while playing from internal storage, the issue might be with the SD card. Consider checking the SD card in another device or replace it with a new one. Alternatively, install the game on your internal memory.

Solution 3: Re-Initialize DNS

Some users have fixed the issue by changing DNS settings, especially if the crashing is network-related. Re-initializing DNS is straightforward:


  • Bring up the power menu by holding the Steam Deck power button.
  • Select “Switch to Desktop” to access the Linux desktop.
  • Make sure the desktop version of Steam is running.
  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right and select “Configure Network Connection.”
  • Choose your current connection, select IPv4, and change the method from automatic to manual.
  • Enter the Google DNS servers, and
  • Save your changes.

You can also perform these steps with IPv6 if you want to change its DNS settings.

Solution 4: Update the Steam Deck

An outdated SteamOS version can cause black screen issues. To check for updates:


  • Tap the Steam Button to open the sidebar.
  • Go to Settings and find “System” (second option).
  • If an update is available, you’ll see a yellow icon indicating what’s new.
  • Click “Apply” and restart the Steam Deck to complete the update.
  • Repeat the process until your system is up to date.

Solution 5: Change Proton Version

Steam Deck uses Proton for running PC games. You can change the Proton version for Grand Theft Auto IV:

  • Select the game.
  • Go to game Settings, then Properties.
  • In the left sidebar, choose “Compatibility.”
  • Check the box for “Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool.”
  • Select “Proton Experimental” and choose the desired version from the dropdown menu.

Solution 6: Reset Steam Deck

To reset your Steam Deck from the console itself:

  • Press the Steam Button to open Settings.
  • In the System Menu, scroll to the bottom to find the “Factory Reset” button.
  • This will return the Steam Deck to its original state, clearing cache and storage-related issues that might cause crashes.

If these solutions don’t work, consider that it might be a game or hardware issue. If you’re in a supported country, dealing with faulty Steam Decks isn’t a major hassle.

Solution 7: Contact Steam Deck Support

If you still can’t resolve the issue, contact Steam Deck support for necessary repairs.


In conclusion, while encountering crashes in Grand Theft Auto IV on the Steam Deck can be frustrating, remember that there are potential solutions. By performing these basic checks and trying the suggested solutions, you can improve your chances of enjoying the game without crashes. Ensure your system meets requirements, update graphics drivers, verify game file integrity, and close unnecessary background processes. With these solutions, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of Grand Theft Auto IV on your Steam Deck without interruptions. Gear up, explore Liberty City, and enjoy the thrilling action!

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